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Author of The Angel Hunter and Andrew's Journal, Jerrod Begora has studied theology, philosophy, economics, and mathematics.  He earned a master’s degree in applied economics from Marquette University and has worked as a statistician, economics instructor, and entrepreneur. 


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The Case of the Missing Cat

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The Case of the Missing Cat

“Are you here for the cat too? You cops had your chance, but didn’t do anything about it. Now that I’m on the case, you care. Typical.”

Derik propped his arm on the front door, further separating Lorelei from Tiffany’s mother. “No reason to get nasty,” he said, “No one is interfering with your… investigation. I’m simply asking you to come back tomorrow. We are dealing with a lot.”

“Scratches could be dead by then!” Lorelei shouted.

“Let her look. Hailey is only eight.  She must be worried sick,” Tiffany’s mother insisted. “Lorelei, please take a look around. I’ll open the garage.”

Lorelei took out her memo pad and wrote, “6. Police, buttheads.”

“Don’t be long,” Derik commanded Lorelei.

She looked up from her pad and stuck her tongue out at him.


Lorelei is a free spirit who doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way: not her parents, not the police, and especially not her Down syndrome.   When Lorelei can’t get a position at the police department, she starts her own detective agency.  Her first case… find an eight-year-old’s missing cat.


Derik is a young, follow the rules cop in a small town.  After local teens are found using a new kind of drug, Derik wants to aggressively investigate and warn the community, but his seasoned chief decides to keep the incidences private and not panic the town. Derik struggles between the chief’s orders and protecting unknowing teens.


These two characters are going to need each other.


This novella set in the world of The Blood Between Us is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.