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Author of The Angel Hunter and Andrew's Journal, Jerrod Begora has studied theology, philosophy, economics, and mathematics.  He earned a master’s degree in applied economics from Marquette University and has worked as a statistician, economics instructor, and entrepreneur. 


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Andrew's Journal

Three siblings need each other, but can’t see past their own problems to get the help they need. Samuel is a twenty-year-old sophomore in college who hopes to change the world, but his ideals always blow up in his face. His convictions are tested when he impregnates his ex-girlfriend and rescues a prostitute. Marco is a high school football star. After realizing that his teammates hate him because of the color of his skin, he falls into depression and sets out on a quest to save his estranged birth mother. Their sister, Lorelei, is a spunky and defiant teen obsessed with comic books. Her Down syndrome becomes her greatest asset when she becomes a superhero vampire slayer and saves the day.
  • Samuel just turned 20. In the name of making the world a better place, he houses a homeless high school friend, a prostitute, and his pregnant ex-girlfriend into his small college apartment.
  • Marco is the star running back of his high school, but quits a winning season when a teammate calls him a racial slur. After being ostracized by the small community, he set out on a quest to find his biological mother.
  • Lorelei is sick and tired of everyone telling her what to do. In her words, “Norms are the ones with the problems. They never say what they mean.” She decides to show the world what she can really do.

A twisted teen comedy, from the mind of Jerrod Begora. Taking aim at pre-conceptions of race, gender, and disabilities.